Monitoring the drivers of the global economic development

Dymaxion Labs provides unique insights at the intersection of Agriculture, Urban Development and Climate Change.


what we do

Dymaxion Labs leverages AI and Computer Vision to analyze petabytes of geospatial data to understand the physical world. These include optical, SAR and aerial imagery, climate data, and IoT sensors.


With our grounded, data science based methodology, private companies and the public sector accelerate strategic data-driven decisions from their remote targets.


our approach

As the Earth observation market grows exponentially, processing this massive amount of unstructured data using artificial intelligence takes decision making at another level. We help you generate meaningful insights, from a smart combination of image processing and your private data to IOT remote sensors and machine learning algorithms. Petabytes of daily data are generated around the Earth and we know how to incorporate them into your value chain.


Access powerful reports to gain refined information and empower your team with the knowledge, tools and confidence to execute the right business decisions.


Apply our tailor-made AI techniques and computer vision algorithms, to discover new patterns in images from the fusion of multiple data sources.


Combine optical, SAR, aerial and drone imagery, with climate data and IOT real-time sensors feeds to make a single global-scale analysis.


Looking to focus on building your product instead of reinventing the wheel? Feed your legacy and core systems with our value-added insights, integrating our easy-to-use Python SDK.


Address your business problems with our grounded, data-science based team