Geospatial data processing for urban planning

We periodically acquire and process images from satellites and georeferenced datasets for urban growth assessment and forecast using cutting edge machine learning techniques, like deep learning.

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What we do

Satellite Image Processing

We use satellite imagery and geospatial data for measuring the world.

Modern Machine Learning

We apply classic machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks like CNNs.


We continuously process data as we acquire it, re-train our models and keep our results up-to-date.

Open Data

We strive to provide our results as open data, to encourage development of new applications and keep the data flow going.

Demo application

Check out our map of detected slums in Argentina, on Github.
You can also download the dataset in GeoJSON format.

See demo (spanish)

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If you have any question about our services, send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.