about us

Based out of Buenos Aires, we started off this company to have a better understanding of the physical world. We designed DYMAXION LABS 100% digital, 100% software, and 100% cloud; contributing with a positive use of technology to solve the most complex planet-scale problems. We built a team of well-grounded professionals including scientists, engineers, developers and consultants. To strengthen our understanding, we partnered globally with organizations led by seasoned professionals in the fields of urban development, food security and climate change, to offer more solid and comprehensive solutions.

“…We love to tackle problems at the crossroads of urban development, food security, and climate change…”

The financial backing from the UNICEF Innovation Fund and Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (INCUBATE) has given us the support to make our imprint  in the market.


Empowered by our mission, vision and partnerships, we are committed to contribute to a positive change in the world, for all of us and generations to come.


our culture

When we talk about our culture, we talk about the way we interact with each other, every single day, at the office or remotely. We have two non negotiable values: cooperation and execution. Cooperation means to be always ready to help your teammate; Execution means to have always-on the ability to deliver to our customers.


We love transparency and hard fact evidence, and we are committed to the United Nations sustainable development goals. As active open source contributors, our platform artifacts  such as source code, blueprints, and documentation are freely available to the public. We firmly believe that our value proposition relies on the data and on the service we deliver.

the team

We aim at making global social and environmental impact.


Federico Bayle

Co-founder & CEO

Damian Silvani

Co-founder & CTO

Juan Pablo Villa

Managing Partner & CSO

Roberta Devesa

Data Scientist

Gessica Paniagua

Frontend, Developer

Alan Toris

Backend, Developer

join our team

We pursue to make an impact on the planet, advocating for the SDG Sustainable Development Goals and encouraging diversity. If you are passionate (if you are really crazy!) about satellite-radar-aerial-drone imagery, machine learning algorithms and AI techniques, we’d love to chat with you soon. We are currently looking for Python devs, AI experts, ML engineers, and Data Scientists. Please send us your resume or LinkedIn profile to